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Car Accident Claims London

Car Accident and Car Crash Claims ImageBeing involved in a car accident can have a damaging effect on not only you, but also your family and loved ones. That’s why it’s important to claim compensation if the accident was not your fault. If you have suffered an injury in a car accident in London, call one of our friendly call handlers today to see if you are entitled to compensation. Our lawyers work on a no win no fee* basis so you are protected from any financial risk when deciding to make a claim. Visit us now to claim for a car accident or crash.

How Do I Make a Car Accident Claim?

Making a car accident claim with us is far more straightforward than people think it will be. Where the law surrounding car accidents can be complex and confusing, our lawyers make sure to negotiate these complexities on your behalf and fight to the best of their ability to win you the compensation that you deserve. Our process is simple and can be broken down into three separate steps:

  • First, get in touch with us via our free phone line or fill in one of our online contact forms
  • From there, we will assess your case and determine whether or not you qualify to make a claim
  • If you do qualify, we will partner you with a specialist car accident solicitor who will work with you to win you the maximum amount of compensation for the type of injury that you suffered

Evidence To Support Your Claim

If someone else’s negligence was to blame for the injuries you suffered, we encourage you to make a claim today and start on the road to recovery. Whether you were driving the car, were the passenger in a car, or were a pedestrian, you could be entitled to a large sum of compensation.

What we ask of you is to gather any evidence that you feel would strengthen your case. Our lawyers (want to become a lawyer?) want to see you walk away with a robust compensation package and any evidence that shows that you were the victim in the car accident will only make this easier. This can be anything ranging from photographs of the car, where the accident happened, photographs of your injuries, evidence of work missed following the accidents, receipts of painkillers purchased after the accident, and any medical reports detailing the injuries you suffered in the accident.

Our Car Accident Specialists

Car accidents can be the cause of a whole host of different injuries, ranging from back injuries to whiplash. Each one of our Solicitors is experienced in dealing with everything that falls under car accident claims. With their wealth of knowledge in all aspects of car accident claims, this is experience that you could benefit from if you decide to start your claim with us.

Our car accident specialists understand just how damaging a car accident can be in your life. They make it their aim to restore you to the position you were in before your accident. Leaving no stone unturned, they will ensure that the likes of loss of earnings and medical expenses are taken into account when determining your final compensation amount. It is important that you feel as though justice has been restored following your car accident.

No Win No Fee

This conditional agreement simply means that you are free from any upfront costs when deciding to make a claim. The solicitor we partner you with will fight to win you the maximum amount of compensation. If you do not win any compensation, then you will have incurred no costs for the legal services you received.

Car Accident Lawyers in London

Our network of car accident claims lawyers in London (we also have an office in Newcastle) are all very experienced in dealing with the types of problem you may currently be enduring. Car accidents can have a serious physical, emotional, and financial impact on your life, so our lawyers work with empathy and care when handling your case.

Having dealt with several clients like you, our lawyers understand the importance that you place on your car accident claim. Because of this, each of the solicitors in our network prides themselves on top quality communication skills that simplify all of the legal jargon and speak to you in a language that you can understand. Being involved in the claims process is important, so our lawyers work with an approachable professionalism that keeps you engaged and in control.

Get In Touch

Getting in touch with us is extremely straightforward. We believe that it is important that you can have your questions answered at any time of day, so our free phone line is open 24/7, with a team of friendly and professional call handlers waiting to provide you with the advice you need straightaway. Alternatively, feel free to fill in one of our online contact forms and we will be in touch very soon. We look forward to hearing from you.