Student Placement Availability for the Expert Pension Claims Company

expertpensionclaimslogoIf you are looking to do a sandwich year placement at a company that has high ethical regard, and does a little for charity itself then we can currently recommend Expert Pension Claims.

They are a UK business that works in the finance sector, with their main focus being on helping UK consumers reclaim back compensation if they have been mis-sold pensions, annuities, and high risk investments.

In terms of their charitable output, I had the chance to email Jarod Taylor, the marketing manager for Expert Pension Claims to get some feedback on the company’s plan for the next 12 months, plus what any student working with them can expect.

“In the next few months we are going to be looking to initiate some charitable events in Glasgow and London, focussed on the homeless. Any student who ends up winning the annual placement with us will have a large area of responsibility around organising these events, so ideally we are looking for someone who has organisational skills, and understands the impact that being homeless can have. I would encourage any suitable applications to come in as soon as possible because I anticipate the position being a very popular one.”

The job won’t just entail that though, as the position will be very well rounded, taking in various key aspects of the business. Here are some example aspects to the role.

Mis-Sold Pension Claims Handling

The successful applicant will be required to handle incoming calls and emails from people in the UK who think they might have been mis-sold a pension or high risk investment. You will be required to take as many details from them as possible, creating a case file which will then be passed over to our solicitors.

Knowledge of the Pensions and Finance Industry

Whilst not 100% essential, having some prior knowledge of the pensions mis-selling scandal and pensions industry before your application and industry would help. In particular you should read up about the mis-selling of SIPPs, SIPPs claims, contracting out of SERPs, and SERPS claims for pension compensation as this is where the bulk of the inbound customer enquires will be based around.

For more information on the mis-selling of pensions and what it involved, we would recommend reading all of the pages on the Expert Pension Claims website, in particular the page relating to what a mis sold SIPP is.

About Expert Pension Claims

The company was founded in 2015 and consists of three main solicitors based in Glasgow. The team of lawyers are fully regulated by the Law Society of England, Scotland, and Wales, and have over two decades of experience in helping people claim back compensation for financial product mis-selling.

In fact, the team have a combined compensation win calculation of around 70 million pounds for their UK clients.

What Type of Candidate Should Apply?

  • Strong analytical and organisational skills
  • Happy to work in a small team but focussed on results
  • Ability to multi-task and manage outsourced workers when needed
  • Flexibility as some out of hours work required

If that sounds like you and for more details you can apply on the Expert Pension Claims website on

Do You Have a Student Placement or Job Offer?

If you are a company who has charitable ethics and would like to advertise your students jobs or placement opportunities on the website then please do contact us. We are very selective about who and what we can advertise on the website, but you should get a feel for our ethical viewpoint simply by navigating through the rest of the website.