Why Study Law at University If You Want to Become a Lawyer

This video and content was taken from the Cambridge University YouTube Channel, and gives an excellent insight into what you should consider when you decide to become a lawyer. Whether you want to study to eventually become a personal injury solicitor, a personal injury lawyer, or an accident claims attorney (United States or United Kingdom) it really gives some great informatioin on the things that you should consider before taking the plunge to study.

Become an Accident Claims Lawyer

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If you are thinking that you might eventually wish to pursue a career as a lawyer, whether a solicitor or a barrister, there are two different ways of getting the necessary qualifications.

One is to study any subject at University other than Law, then do a one-year Law conversion course and finally complete the relevant vocational course to become a solicitor or a barrister. The other route is to study Law at University, typically for three years, and then take the relevant vocational course.

Become a Lawyer: The Considerations

uniGraham Virgo, Professor of English Private Law and Deputy Chair of the Law Faculty Board at the University of Cambridge, discusses the benefits of studying a law degree if you wish to progress into the legal professions.

Considerations include the breadth and depth of knowledge acquired, the opportunity to learn to think like a lawyer, the opportunities for critical engagement and to develop other legal skills, and the cost.

As Jonathan Hirst QC, a leading barrister and former Chairman of the Bar, has said:

“In my view, pupils who have done an undergraduate law degree start with a very considerable advantage over those who have tried to cram in everything in less than a year. A Law degree allows a student to gain a broader and more mature understanding of the subject.”